vanessa mona hellmann.
video. photography. art direction. design.
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i love art, and i'm a sucker for stories. i love pouring everything i have into creating ideas that have beauty and purpose, with passion, craft and plenty of heart.

when i was nine years old, my dad gave me an old polaroid camera for my birthday, and my grandfather taught me everything he knew about the art of taking pictures with his old leica. stills photography is my first love.

today, i have a master's degree in film and video production, and an ad school background. along with photography, i'm a passionate video maker, art director and illustrator. you can take a look at my advertising + design portfolio here.

while my inspirations run far and wide, i'm particularly fond of authentic, in-between moments, quirky ideas and places, open roads, and everything vintage. i like to shoot around sunrise, and i have a big crush on extreme close ups. capturing people and their stories is what drives me. and as cliché as it sounds, i fall in love with what i see through my lens every time, over and over again.

there's not a thing in the world i would rather be doing than this. i'm so glad you're here. thank you for stopping by!