vanessa mona hellmann.
video. photography. art direction. design.
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i love art, i make stuff, and i'm a sucker for stories. capturing people in everyday life and creating something beautiful is my favorite thing in the world.

when i was nine years old, my dad gave me this wonderful old polaroid for my birthday. after going through phases of shooting a plethora of instants capturing our garden's insect population, my mom secretly smoking by the back door, and suspicious strangers at the duck pond, my grandfather taught me everything he knew about the art of taking pictures. stills photography is my first love.

in may of last year, i graduated with a master's degree in film and tv production. i'm a passionate filmmaker and editor.

while my inspirations run far and wide, i'm particularly fond of in-between moments, quirky ideas + locations and all things vintage. i like to shoot in that magical golden light around sunrise and sunset, and i have a crush on extreme close ups. i am, duh, hopelessly in love with wes anderson films.

i'm so glad you're here. thank you for visiting my website!