vanessa mona hellmann.
video. photography. art direction. design.
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i love art, and i'm a sucker for stories. i pour everything i have into creating ideas that have beauty and purpose, with passion, craft, and plenty of heart.

there isn't really a day that goes by for me without documenting.

i have a master's degree in film and video production, just in case you'd like to know, and a portfolio school background. along with photography, i'm a passionate video maker and art director. you can take a look at my advertising + design portfolio here.

while my inspirations run far and wide, i'm in love with in-between moments, abandoned places, the American Southwest, wildflowers, and everything vintage. i like the beautiful sparks in imperfection, communal gatherings, and have a big crush on extreme close ups. capturing people and their stories in all their authenticity and finding the details that make us unique and human is what drives me.

there's not a thing in the world i would rather be doing than this. i'm so glad you're here. thank you for stopping by!