vanessa mona hellmann.
video. photography. art direction.
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outfitted with a background in photography and a master's degree in film and production, i am a storyteller at heart. i grew up all over europe and currently live and work in san francisco, california.

i'm a visual explorer and inspired by intimacy and in-between moments, road trips just about anywhere, my badass grandmothers, tropical colors, and quite possibly your story. i believe in making art that is personal, beautiful, and brave, and in creating customized content that is short, sweet, and fun.

along with photography, i'm a video maker and art director at MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER. you can take a look at some of my advertising projects here.

there's not a thing in the world i would rather be doing than this. i'm so glad you're here! if you happen to connect with my work, send me an email sometime - it always makes my day.